VIP Experience Programs

Desert Rock Merchandise, INC. can help all types and size artists/bands implement and manage a VIP Experience Program completely tailored to their individual needs.  These Programs can involve everything from behind-the-scenes tours, artist meet & greets, and/or specialized merchandise, among many other things.

A properly run VIP Program gives fans an incredible experience while allowing an artist to engage at a level of their choosing.  These experiences not only add an additional revenue stream, but can create an invaluable connection with the fans that will lead to long term loyalty.

Desert Rock Merchandise, INC. can provide various services for this experience, again, at a level of your choosing.  If you’re just looking for specialty or exclusive VIP merchandise, we can use our expertise to help you choose and designing said items, as well as to produce and distribute the items in any quantity.  For an even more hands-on approach, we can provide a tour rep to work alongside artist management, promoters, or in conjunction with an existing fan club to co-ordinate a smooth and professional on-site experience that your fans won’t soon forget.