Which bands and artists have you toured with?

We’ve managed and/or toured with: The Austalian Pink Floyd Show; Aloe Blacc; Tom Jones; Bon Jovi; Morrissey; Britney Spears; Bruno Mars; HIM; Hilary Duff; Elvis Costello; Lyle Lovett; Skinny Puppy; Ashlee Simpson; Elton John; Neil Young; Jason Derulo; Devo; The Monkees; Stephen Stills; Justice; Marc Anthony; Regina Spektor; Joe Jackson; Kottonmouth Kings; Becky G; Tori Kelly; B-52s; and Drake, to name a few.

How did Desert Rock Merchandise, INC. start?

DRM started by helping out a friend who was managing Riot when they re-united for 4 shows. We helped them produce their t-shirts and oversaw all the sales. Afterwards we created their North American web-store and fulfilled their online sales. From this point, DRM was born, filling in where we saw a lacking in the industry of a strong leader who knows what sells, how to sell it and most importantly…how to make a profit for the artist.

Why did you state you don’t follow “Per Head Average”?

Don’t get us wrong, we pay attention to per head figures. It is a very important indicator of how sales are doing, how different markets compare to others, and how well the fans are responding to the merchandise line. But most companies focus too much on it and it becomes their main selling point and they will make promises about increasing per head sales. They do that by increasing prices for the items. We would rather sell more at the right price, so more fans are left happy, then to inflate the per head figures by selling less at a higher price alienating fans in the process.

Do you only work with established artists and bands?

We work with anyone who is looking to add/improve merchandise sales to their business. We love working with up & coming artists as much as working with more established ones. Most merchandise companies, if they do sign ‘smaller’ acts, they don’t work with them hands on, figure out what their needs are and especially do not discuss with them how to be the most profitable as possible. We do. We like to build relationships. The success of our clients is our success as well, we are truly partners working together for the same goal…the fans/customers engagement and happiness.

Is there a minimum amount to order?

No there is not. But we do discuss with our clients where there might be price breaks with different amounts ordered. Our suppliers sometimes give enough of a discount that it is something that must be considered. If it is possible to take advantage of those discounts then we will do what it takes to make it work. Saving our clients money is always a good thing.

Do you manufacture all the merchandise?

We have vendors who we work with that do the manufacturing, most of them are the exact same ones that other music merchandise companies use.

What kind of artwork or images do I need to put it on something to sell?

The particular details of what image or design goes on what item is something that we will work with you at length. We will show you what has worked in the past, what items with what artwork fans/customers respond to best. We will work with you to make sure that the brand you are building is served by the merchandise line we create together.

What kind of artwork format do I need?

A Vector File or as high as resolution High Resolution File works best, but we have options for all types of artwork.

What if I do not have any artwork at all but have ideas as to what I want?

We do not have any in-house graphic designers, so we would introduce you to some or suggest you use one that you have used before to come up with the designs. Some companies offer graphic design services, they might even tell you it’s free, but they, more likely then not, will still charge you for it. In fact, they may very well charge you the retail cost for graphic design work even though they might be paying an employee substantially less. Graphic work can be a profit center for a company, but not Desert Rock Merchandise, INC., we want to focus on taking what you have and getting to the fans. That being said, we will be involved in the design process as much as you want/need, advising you on what works, how something looks, which designs fit best on which items.

Do you do any e-commerce?

We supply to our clients whatever they need for e-commerce. If they do not have a web-store or any e-commerce capability, we will work with them to get one. We can add their items to our store, www.desertrockmerchandise.com, always on a unique page that links to their site. Then we can take the orders, process billing, and ship product to fans/customers. Our fees for this service are very reasonable and competitive.

What if I just need product and don’t want a merchandise company coming in and telling me what to do?

First of all, Desert Rock Merchandise, INC. tries not to TELL anyone what to do, but we will be honest with you and advise you, from our experience and knowledge, what works, what the fans are looking for and what is the best way to be profitable. We also tailor our agreements with what you need. If you only are looking for someone to supply you with product, we will do that. If you need someone to tour with, if you are an artist/band, handling sales, inventory and managing the day to day merchandise needs, we will do that. If you only need fulfillment of your e-commerce sales, we can do that. Whatever your needs are we can accommodate them and help you.

Do I have to be a musician or band to utilize your services?

No, we handle anyone who needs merchandise. We’ve supplied product to gyms, teams, salons, stores and more. If you have a logo/design that you want to put onto anything we can help.

How fast can you get me what I want?

A lot depends on what you want and if you have artwork ready to go. Obviously, the more lead time the better. But shipping times will vary based on your needs and budget.

What advice to you have to an up & coming band or artist?

Oh, where to begin…how much time do you have? We can go on for hours with advice and what to watch out for. So call us and we’ll help you and advise you how to proceed. But two of the best articles about band merchandise can be found here:



That being said, the biggest piece of advice we have is, pay attention to merchandise, it can make you money and help keep your fans. Too often bands/artists/businesses do not pay attention to merchandise and miss out on a lot of opportunity.

What geographical locations do you serve?

We are located in Southern California but have printers & suppliers all over the USA, Canada and Europe.   Wherever you are located we can get you product quickly as possible.

Do you make only t-shirts or can you do others things?

We can put your image or logo on almost anything you want, such as: keychains; mugs; bags; glassware; hats; stufffed animals; thumb-drives; posters; programs; books; 8×10’s; water bottles; stickers; socks; shorts; underwear; etc… If you can think of an item, more likely then not, we’ll be able to put your logo or image on it.


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